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Update it all. Update it now.

My first project in the new company was UI-Design for an Update-Service that already existed, but still used the old design which was outdated. But also the UX of the software was open for discussion.

The first thing to do was finding a new style for all the Web-Interfaces of the company. Material design and the book ‘Refactoring UI’ by Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger were a big help for this. Her you can see the Colors used and the elements I built in Figma.

Photo of the app Photo of the app

The goal of the new CI was a clear and simple look, eventhough the software was highly complex and mighty. To still make it look simple and clear a lot of whites and light-greys were used. For the UI the CI colors blue and orange were available but mostly the blue was put to use, because the orange is too much of a screaming color. So the orange made its appearance mostly in warnings and things that really need attention.

Photo of the app

The site I am most proud of is the update page for the customers. While I didn’t touch too much from the pages that are used inhouse to update customers. But for the customers I wanted to get away from classical grids and show him only what is necessary.

Photo of the app

Things I put into practice and learned during the process:

  1. Details are important.

  2. Round edges are making things way more complicated.

  3. Using “chips” for filtering is not always the best option.

  4. Things not written down will not be coded.

  5. Think of every edge usecase and describe it.

  6. Text is important and translating a software takes time.