3D Environment for Bachelors' thesis

Displaying complex information

To learn how to display complex information I designed a weather app with guidance from Frank Rausch (User Interface Typographer and Lecturer at FH JOANNEUM).

The app is planned as a tool for bikers who drive to and from work everyday, because that's the most important thing for me in a weather app. Most of the time I use it I want to see quickly if it is okay for me to take the bike or if I have to take the bus.

What I learned:

  1. Don't choose too many font sizes.

  2. "A word is worth a 1000 pictures!" - Frank Rausch

  3. How to design an app in one day.

  4. It can look cool but should also work.
  5. Have in mind which platform you're designing for.
  6. Stay on paper as long as possible.

Close up of the app